Wood File Cabinet Build – Part 1 | 1 drawer file cabinet

Wood File Cabinet Build – Part 1.

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Wood File Cabinet Build – Part 1

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In this video video completes the first stage in his (3) part build of filing cabinets needed for his wife’s new office space.

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1 drawer file cabinet

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Wood File Cabinet Build – Part 1.

9 thoughts on “Wood File Cabinet Build – Part 1 | 1 drawer file cabinet”

  1. Watching this in 2021 remembering when a sheet of hardwood 3/4 cabinet grade plywood was only $30 a sheet.. I’m currently building my wife and I our “dream house” on the lake. I wanted to build my own cabinets and nearly had a heart attack when I saw that it was $50 a sheet..

  2. I’m trying to make my own cabinets. But without dimensions I’m dead in the water. Even knowing the size of the back piece would be a huge help.

  3. I don't know if it's comforting or not to discover that I'm not the only one that completely under estimates the time to do things like this 🙂 I do it for the enjoyment though, so it really doesn't matter.


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