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What are Physical Quantities?.

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รูปภาพธีมquantityจัดทำโดย Leather20.

What are Physical Quantities?
What are Physical Quantities?

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ดูหัวข้อWhat are Physical Quantities?.

What is Physical Quantities? Explained using animation and illustration Video.

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What are Physical Quantities?.

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  1. Excellent video. Philochrony is the theory that describes the nature of time and demonstrates its existence. Time is magnitive: objective, Imperceptible y measurable.

  2. I have a test in Sunday 😭 and I am really worried. My teacher doesn’t explain well online 😭. I’m having problems understanding the quantity and the derived, but this video made it easier it summarized almost twenty pages (with small font) in just six seconds !!! Still don’t understand what is the quantity and the derived.
    Wish me the best 🥺,
    A stranger

  3. I'm here because of online school, my teacher played this video today as we were learning about physical quantities, brilliant video! Everything is very obvious and I like the animation a lot.

  4. It cleared all my simple doubts….
    Thank u so much for this video…
    I don't expect that I will get cleared all my doubts with this video…
    Thank u so so so so so much for this basic physics…..🖖🖖

  5. Extraordinary video. There is a small mistake, when you say that the least count of measurement tapes is the same as the meter ruler, since in the meter ruler you explain is 1mm and then you say is the same as the meter tape but state is 1cm.

    In the other hand, I think it worth to differentiate between physical quantities and variables. As a science teacher, the difference between these values is very important. I would be more than happy to discuss this detail with you to maybe give you input for a new video.


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