[Tutorial] How I draw wings | how to draw wings

[Tutorial] How I draw wings.

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[Tutorial] How I draw wings
[Tutorial] How I draw wings

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Because a lot of people on my Tumblr asked me how I draw in genereal and how I draw wings! So i tried to explain and show how haha

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Sorry if it’s slow and boring :X … I’m not good at making tutorials XD

Tools used: Clip Studio Paint Ex
Wacom Cintiq 13HD

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[Tutorial] How I draw wings.

43 thoughts on “[Tutorial] How I draw wings | how to draw wings”

  1. Sometimes I forgetting that wings is basically changed limbs, and draw them on sketch very differently and worse than I draw limbs. You helped me a lot!

  2. Me at the beginning sketch still watching the whole thing: I HAVENT AN IDEA WHAT IM DOING HERE BUT ILL ACT LIKE I DO

    (if you get the reference kudos to you mate)

  3. i just wanna say that your tutorial is really helpful and your voice is so cute! it reminds me of a grown up version of misfortune in the game called little misfortune! 💕✨❤💛👏

  4. Funny thing… Bat wings are supposedly easier than birb wings, but because of this, I practiced birbos and ended up being way better at feathered wings than bat wings…

  5. These vids just make meh feel sad cause I can never draw anything like these. But then again ur vids are still amazing


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