This Realistic Drawing TECHNIQUE could change your ARTWORK… | how to draw realistic

This Realistic Drawing TECHNIQUE could change your ARTWORK….

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This Realistic Drawing TECHNIQUE could change your ARTWORK...
This Realistic Drawing TECHNIQUE could change your ARTWORK…

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This Drawing TECHNIQUE could change your ARTWORK…

Welcome to this episode of Draw Talk, in this one i talk a bit about a method to drawing that helped me create realistic artwork in pencil. I used to have trouble shading, and so i decided to focus on texturing. I found that whilst i was creating in depth and detailed textures, that it was also accompanying for elements such as shading, tone, light, shadow and form. Its something i wanted to share, and so i thought Draw Talk was the best place to do it. Tutorials coming soon, have yourselves a great day!

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Thanks For Watching – Dan. Hopefully the knowledge about the how to draw realistic that we offer will Brings a lot of value for you.

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This Realistic Drawing TECHNIQUE could change your ARTWORK….

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  1. Fine. Hi. My name is Johan Sebastian Berglund, and by typing "Johan Sebastian Berglund – artist and caricaturist", and there is my clips, also with story, drawings, paintings, caricatures and so.. and maybe can give a "like" and a "subscribe". Thanks.

  2. Have you ever ever found something you could totally do at your skill level but the moment you try you realize you're to annoyingly arrogant to take the time to make it look good? No? Ah ok, me neither then.

  3. This helped me immensely. Am working on a portrait project for someone and I have always had torulbe creating this texture of skin, but you made it clear for me as well as applicable to more than just skin (I.e surfaces of rocks, woods, etc.).

  4. All I have to say if you have weakness in shading then the rest is perfect!!!! Absolutely 💯% beautiful art ?I have always admired the work of an artist that can draw portraits of faces to me that is the most tedious and beautiful art ever! Thanmyou for sharing just stunning 😍

  5. How to draw realistic:
    Step 1 : take photo of the thing u want to draw
    Step 2 : give it a sketch or cartoon effect.
    Step 3 : now draw it , shade it ✅
    Hope this helps. Leave a like if u like my idea💡

  6. The longest drawing i made was 5 hours long, and i can still remember how painfull it was to do… idk why but i just can't get myself to draw what i want to draw, or at least get along with it through the patience that it requires… its a rabbit hole that idk how to get out of honestly…

  7. Hi Dan! I get to learn a lot from you by watching your HowTo videos. Thanks for sharing your skills. a new friend here. Joined you. it would be great if we connected. thank you

  8. my problem is that i dont have the right art supplies and im not able to get them because they’re not in my country for some weird reason and im not allowed to order online


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