TAXIㅣ17 Korean Words & Phrases Related To Riding Taxis | ความรู้ในการดูแลสุขภาพ

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TAXIㅣ17 Korean Words & Phrases Related To Riding Taxis.

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TAXIㅣ17 Korean Words & Phrases Related To Riding Taxis
TAXIㅣ17 Korean Words & Phrases Related To Riding Taxis


ดูความรู้เพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับTAXIㅣ17 Korean Words & Phrases Related To Riding Taxis.

Hello my lovely MINJIONS!
In this video, you can learn 17 Korean words and phrases for riding taxis! They are going to be very come in handy so I hope you guys like this video 🙂

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Then, enjoy!

[Words & Phrases In This Video]

1. 택시를 부르다 : To call a taxi
2. 택시를 타다 : To take a taxi
3. 택시를 기다리다 : To wait for a taxi
4. (noun) + 로 / 으로 가 주세요 : Take me to the (noun), please
5. 택시 요금 : Taxi fare
6. 택시 기사 : Taxi driver
7. 기사님 : Driver (Polite way)
8. 혹시 얼마나 걸려요? : How long does it take?
9. 저기 앞에서 내릴게요. : I’ll get off over there.
10. 여기서 세워 주세요. : Pull over here, please.
11. 카드로 계산할게요. : I’ll pay by credit card.
(현금으로 계산할게요. : I’ll pay in cash.)
12. 택시에서 내리다 : To get out of a taxi
13. 조금만 빨리 가 주세요 : Step on it, please.
14. 저기서 좌회전 해 주세요. : Turn left over there, please.
15. 저기서 우회전 해 주세요. : Turn right over there, please.
16. 저기 앞에 횡단보도에서 세워 주세요. Pull over at the crosswalk over there, please.
17. 00 사거리에서 세워 주세요. : Pull over at the 00 intersection, please.

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TAXIㅣ17 Korean Words & Phrases Related To Riding Taxis.

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  1. Hey this is great! I'm an Uber driver and I get Korean tourists who have trouble speaking in English. Do you have a video for us? I'm not confident asking Google translate for help because in my native language Google translate always gives weird results. I've even tried watching Korean movies to jot down phrases that I could use, but it's not much.

    It would be great if you uploaded a new video with Some important words , the ones I can think of at the top of my head are…

    Hi my name is ….
    are you going to ….?
    We will be arriving in …. Mins.
    Would you like to take the toll highway?
    Okay so no toll, right?
    Can I turn left/straight/right?
    Are you in a hurry?
    Do you mind wearing your seat belt?
    Sorry for being late.
    I apologize for any shortcomings.
    Thanks and Have a nice day.

  2. Onnie thank you so much for teaching us korean,very helpful to us..❤️🧡💚💙❤️💙💜 😘more power to your channel 🙂 kamsahamnida 💞💕

  3. Thank you, this is very helpful! Can you do more videos like this? For example, conversations regarding ordering food in a street market, department store shopping, etc.

  4. Minji, can you help me out with a translation, please? It's for a book
    I'm writing. I'm having a hard time finding a translation of the Korean
    words on top of the government building at Central Square in Pyongyang.
    If you can help, I would appreciate it!


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