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Robyn – Send To Robin Immediately.

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Robyn - Send To Robin Immediately
Robyn – Send To Robin Immediately



Robyn’s RBN collection for Bjorn Borg is out now:

Robyn’s album Honey is out now:

Robyn’s 2019 tour dates:

Follow Robyn:

Listen to Robyn:

Director: Max Vitali
Producer: Sofia Bjorkman
DP: Mathieu Plainfosse
Editor: Johan Wik
Grade: Sofie Borup / Company 3
Stylist: Naomi Itkes
Creative Direction: Robin Carlsson and Naomi Itkes
Art Direction: Sandberg & Timonen
Post production: Gangster Stockholm
Project Manager: Veronica Wallin
Casting: Helin Honung Casting
Make Up: Anya de Tobon
Hair: Kalle Eklund

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Yandeh Sallah
Fanny Reinbring
Tuva Bjarme
Beri Gerwise
Salma Lundqvist
Theodor Bergqvist Pakzad
Denzel Duckstöm Miasangi
Gabriel Frejsjö
Noah Birgersson
Lucan Persson
Sisella Nelander
Robin Carlsson

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Production Manager: Andreas Hansson
First Assistant Director: Tobias Reiner
Second Assistant Director: Eric Kennedy
Steadicam: Peter Milanov
1st Assistant Camera: Mimmo Hildén
2nd Assistant Camera: Eric Lindqvist
Video Assist: Erika Edwinsson
SoMe / BTS content: Senay Behre
BTS content: Charli Ljung
Gaffer: Jim Johansson
Best Boy: Kari Malmio
Camera Car: Lasse Holm Malmjärn
Props Master: Lisa Berkert Wallard
Props Assistant: Emily Hopkins
Style Assistant: Amanda Hörlin
Style Assistant: Sofia Wikstrom
Style Assistant: Adam Petterson
Style Assistant: Irma Lindberg
Make-up Assistant: Johanna Nomiey
Make-up Assistant: Johanna Nordlander
Hair Assistant: Nikola
Location: Henrik Bel Gaied
Location Trailer: Nikolaj Alsterdal
Craft: Emil Bibezic
PA Teknik: Andreas Hemming
PA: Nandor Hegedus
PA: Andreas Klominek
Talent Co-ordinator: Aisha Wazne

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Music video by Robyn performing Send To Robin Immediately. © 2019 Konichiwa Records


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Robyn – Send To Robin Immediately.

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  1. This is one of the most underrated artists of her generation she's been doing this for a decade or longer and always lets out bangers how is she not playing on every radio all over the place

  2. This is one of my favourite songs, I'm so happy that the video is so beautiful. Also, I feel like this is the sequel to "Call Your Girlfriend."

  3. I would die if Madonna would do a 80s synth pop album but she's far too creative for that. As good as Robyns album sounds it's too short and it's too easy. It sounds like she recorded it in the week…

  4. Robyn, I really, really hope that one day you will come to China to hold a concert, because there are many LGBT people listening to your songs in China, and I love you and support you forever❤👬💜👬❤


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