Physical quantities: Its Units and Measurements, College Physics Online Course | | ความรู้ในการดูแลสุขภาพ

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Physical quantities: Its Units and Measurements, College Physics Online Course |.

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Physical quantities: Its Units and Measurements, College Physics Online Course |

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Best Explanation of Physical Quantites, Base Quantities, Derived Quantites and its Units.
I will also tell you in this video about;

1) Physics Unit and Measurement (dimensions of physical Quantities).

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4) Physical Quantities and Units for Class 11| EduPoint.

5) Physics: Physical Quantities & Measurement Units.

6) Dimensions of a physical quantity 11_1.2.

Physics is a branch of Science in which we read about the ralationship of matter and energy.
Also we know that in physics we are doing lot of measurments. These measurments varry from a very simple
problems to a very comples problems.To built the concept of these measurments you must know about the basic
physical quantities like base quantities and derived quantities.

Physical quantites are defined as any quantity which we can measure. Physcial qauntities have magnititude and suitable S.I Units.
BY maagnititude I mean the numerical values and S.I unit tells about the Physicl quantity.

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For example; “12Km”

“12” is magnititude.

“Km” is S.I unit.

Phusical quantities have two types: Base quantities and derived quantities.
Base quantities are the minimum numbers of the physical quantities.
Base quantities are defined as the physical quantities which can not be defined in terms of other physical quanities.
There are seven base quantities.

Physical Quantitie Units

1) Length m

2) Time s

3) Mass Kg

4) Electric A
5) Temperature K

6) Amount of mole
7) Luminious
Intesity candela

Derived Quantities are defined as those physical quantities which are derived from the base quantities.

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For example; Speed is derived from base quanitites (Distance and Time).

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Physical quantities: Its Units and Measurements, College Physics Online Course |.

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  1. Excellent video. Philochrony is the theory that describes the nature of time and demonstrates its existence. Time is magnitive: objective, Imperceptible y measurable.

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