Modern dresser build (Timelapse) | 6 drawer dresser

Modern dresser build (Timelapse).

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Modern dresser build (Timelapse)
Modern dresser build (Timelapse)

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This is not an instructional video. I didn’t have a chance to record everything, so there are some parts missing, but it shows the basic ideas on how it’s built. Thanks, enjoy

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6 drawer dresser

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Modern dresser build (Timelapse).

24 thoughts on “Modern dresser build (Timelapse) | 6 drawer dresser”

  1. I inherited a dresser, tall chest and pair of nightstands in this style. Mine is made of oak and is stained a cherry color and has a cabinet type kick plate(weird, I know). It’s taken a beating over the last 40-50 years and needs a new finish. Was scared to go a dark espresso but your color combo looks really nice. I’m inspired. Thank you.

  2. Question. I'm doing something similar but for a closet. 8ft tall cabinet. I'm cutting up the edges at 45 degrees and then make my bisquit holes. I add my glue along the edge then with my finger I swirl the glue thruout the edge. When I put the 2 pieces together, the bisquits seem to keep me from making a good tight corner connection. Is there a trick to it? I saw you did the corner the same way I did with bisquits, but mine cannot come out very tight, there is a gap in between the pieces. Am I putting too much glue in the bisquits holes or what the secret? Thanks.


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