Mating the RACK & PINION TIPS #575 tubalcain | rack and pinion คือ

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Mating the RACK & PINION TIPS #575 tubalcain.

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Mating the RACK & PINION TIPS #575 tubalcain
Mating the RACK & PINION TIPS #575 tubalcain

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This video is part 4 of a 4 part series on cutting a rack & pinion.
Here are the titles. –When available,
Tips #572 Cutting a Rack on the Bridgeport Mill
Tips #573 Cutting a Rack on the Horizontal Mill
Tips #574 Cutting a Pinion Gear
Tips #575 Mating the Rack & pinion gears
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Mating the RACK & PINION TIPS #575 tubalcain.

34 thoughts on “Mating the RACK & PINION TIPS #575 tubalcain | rack and pinion คือ”

  1. Man you remind me of an old machine shop teacher/ engineer/ architect that let me use his shop. You guys sound the same and do very similar things, Even your last name is similar. Every time I come across one of your videos I think it’s him.

  2. Many times back in the day, when I ran up against a difficult math problem to solve, I would take all the known information and accurately draw it 10 times size, and then just measure the unknown dimension. You can readily get to within a thousandth with this method. Seeing you on the shadowgraph reminded me of that trick.

  3. Thanks ol timer. I do so like seeing how you had to do things back when Quality was still top notch. Nowadays people are lazy with all the cnc. Life to the next Gen is all video games. I don't know how they will live once the light go out. And that day is coming. Once it comes at least I will still have a trade to offer. One of many skills and trades. Thanks to you friend I now have a ideal on rack and pinion. Now on to ball screws.

  4. Thanks I wish I had you as an Instructor while I was in school , I would have enjoined the class even if we had no machines , to be taught in such an entertaining way , is truly a gift Thanks Mr Pete !

  5. Mr Pete you crack me up! I was laughing so hard hearing about Mr Melvin and so many other comical remarks. at a time when things are so dark and gloomy for us all I sure needed that laugh! I love ya brother! peace love and respect to you and yours stay safe my brother!

  6. Wonderful Video as always! I Love your teaching methods, and your humor lol I'd Love to see you make a small Arbor press. Maybe can be its own mini series. Take care and God bless You and Your Wife.

  7. I'll never make one, not having a mill, but I did certainly enjoy your company, thanks for putting so much time and effort in Mr Pete. I do hope Mr Melvin wasn't watching…

  8. Lyle, this was a very interesting series, especially this video. I like your "short-cut" at determining how deep to mill the slot for the rack to get a proper mesh without too much "slop." I need to remember how you did that!

  9. Mr Pete. Again today I was reminded why I hate my name. Not one positive thing in this world is associated with Melvin. Anyone even remotely famous changes their name to “Mel” or use their middle name or whatever. It’s been a running theme with people that know me well. The wife was very puzzled when I sat her down to watch that piece on Bubba and Melvin. By the time it was over she was crying with laughter same as I was. By now I take it like the Joke it was intended as. No worries. — Thanks for the videos and the wife and I thank you for the laugh. 🙂 — And BTW, I was not the one in shop class that was like that. I never liked hacksaws but I did tap the compound into the chuck once but — hey, I was a teenager at the time. 🙂

  10. When I was a teacher I always used a fictional character I made up as a "stooge" like you used the names Melvin and Bubba. I got a lauch b/c your one stooge is Melvin and mine was also. But my Melvin had a last name I gave him: Schmoekenbachur (pronounced smeck'-en-bock-er). one day a student came in all excited saying, "I met Melvin, I met Melvin!!" He had met an actual person named Melvin Sneckenburger – close enough!

  11. Thanks for video Mr Pete.
    I have a suggestion, Please consider building a complete press with this . It's gonna be good thinking and machining practice for everyone and also good machine to be with Bridgeport mill model.

  12. Mr. Pete, I have some parts for a comparator that you might be interested in. I don’t have have a way to send pictures to you. Is there a way I can get these to you?

  13. Hi ,Mr Pete , great video liked your method of machining clearance without a lot of calculations. Do you have a method for meshing a round rack as in a drill press mechanism? Really enjoy your videos , thankyou, Roy.

  14. Great series Mr. Pete, those pieces mate together nicely! It may be a do-nothing machine, but it's still more functional than congress.
    LOL, "Hacksaw Melvin", loved that story! If that was me I'd so use that moniker at every website I signed up with.
    Looking forward to the nut cracker series!


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