Kiyotaka&Toko | itsuka kono koi wo omoidashite kitto naite shimau ซับไทย

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รูปภาพธีมitsuka kono koi wo omoidashite kitto naite shimau ซับไทยจัดทำโดย Leather20.




It’s not the absolute best Jdrama but is definitely among the better lot that I’ve seen this year. Kiyotaka is the focal point of this edit and I built everything around ….

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ผู้คนกำลังมองหาหัวข้อ Kiyotaka&Toko.

itsuka kono koi wo omoidashite kitto naite shimau ซับไทย




27 thoughts on “Kiyotaka&Toko | itsuka kono koi wo omoidashite kitto naite shimau ซับไทย”

  1. This show made me hate japanese drama and I will never watch again. Worst show ever ever ever ever. Wow. What a fucking shit storm. Carefully written to be this bad? This isn't life? This is bad, depressing fiction. Oye vey. This made 2020 suck.

  2. The message is so deep.
    It hurts so much but that is life…..You will never know what life has in-stored for you. It takes a lot of courage to hold on and let go….

  3. there is no Moral lesson in this, this is just life. you think you do good by letting go or Holding on. there is no guarantee for anything. you just try your best. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

  4. moral lesson, communication is the key! sometimes ,you can’t really define what love is,coz every person has it’s own way..all along they said i love you to each other.. I feel so sad!

  5. Hi. I've watched this video on the first day you shared it, and since then I've been re watching it many times. It instantly made me want to watch the drama, but I had to wait to have the time for it, and also to be in the good mood for it.
    Now, it's been one week I've finished it, and I want to thank you for this. I'm so happy I watched it. This drama touched me a lot and made me feel good. It was such a unique, precious, sad and heartwarming story at the same time. Also, I'm glad to tell you that even after watching your video, I kept being surprised and unable to predict what was next to come during all the episodes. I knew some things yeah, but there are things you can only understand by watching the drama. I loved the ending too, and I loved how they told each other they loved each other. I also fell in love with Kentaro Sakaguchi and want to see more of him. I hope he takes deep roles again. Well, I'm writing too much haha!
    Thank you again for this video that made me watch this drama, and that I'll keep re-watching on a regular basis ☺️❤️


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