How to Pronounce IMPORTANT – American English | ความรู้ในการดูแลสุขภาพ

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How to Pronounce IMPORTANT – American English.

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How to Pronounce IMPORTANT - American English
How to Pronounce IMPORTANT – American English


ดูการอภิปรายที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อด้วยHow to Pronounce IMPORTANT – American English.

IMPORTANT is a hard word to pronounce — learn how to say it with Stop T’s in this American English pronunciation lesson.


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How to Pronounce IMPORTANT – American English.

46 thoughts on “How to Pronounce IMPORTANT – American English | ความรู้ในการดูแลสุขภาพ”

  1. The problem with your suggested, incorrect pronunciation is that you are saying it as if the syllable breakdown were im-port-ant, when the proper syllable breakdown is im-por-tant.

  2. Could you please make more videos about the stop t? This is very hard. Also, could you make a video about th sound after r, like earth and birth? Thanks!

  3. Dear madam
    I am writing to ask about your channel who want to know important pronunciation in English.
    could you tell me your teaching pronunciation for the starter at visited your this channel?
    where do I start to study English on your channel what you are teaching on your youtube?
    I am waiting for your answer to my question about my English.
    I want to get your teaching English pronunciation in it

    Thank you .

  4. Why are younger folks saying – impor-ant, shou-ant, bu-on (for button) leaving the t or d sound out completely? I here you saying not to over accentuate the t sound but isn't leaving it out all together going to the other extreme?

  5. Спасибо большое. У меня получилось сказать слово, видео очень хорошо показывает, как держать губы, если все повторять правильно, то получается повторить звуки. 🙂

  6. If Webster’s says to use hard “t”’s, that’s good enough for me. Why change, after all these years? It seems to me that LAZY has set in.

  7. The reason I looked this up is that I noticed that a number of TV journalists pronounce the t like a d and it just doesn't sound right. I watch Fox so I don't know if this is unique to that station or it's simply "media English".

  8. Thank you for clarifying why newsreaders have adopted this new pronunciation. However they need to watch your video as it is lazily pronounced “impordent” and I wince.

  9. Sorry! It's pronounced IM-POR-TANT, which sounds NATURAL! It is not CORRECT to pronounce it as "IM-POR-ANT". That is known as lazy English. Sorry, we don't change the English language because it suits us to do so. What a world! What a world!

  10. You are never too old to learn something new. I have recently noticed many prominent southerners "mispronounce important" Senators LIndsey Graham and Marsha Blackburn to name 2. So I decided to do this research. Little did I know there was something called a "stop T". To me it's a silent T. To my surprise they are using a correct pronunciation. Thank You for this video !


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