How to Finish Homework FAST | ความรู้ในการดูแลสุขภาพ

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How to Finish Homework FAST.

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How to Finish Homework FAST
How to Finish Homework FAST

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Homework assignments usually take forever… but they don’t have to. Today, we’ll explore a completely harmless technique that involves using time travel to steal completed homework from your future self.

Some other tips may have incidentally been included as well.

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How to Finish Homework FAST.

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  1. Ugh I cannot wait to be back on campus! I do not do well at home. It's terrible, besides the fact that I don't have to drive back and forth and get kids to sitters. Now, no one wants to help with the kids because I'm home. 😩

  2. 4:05 Well I used to do that most of the time but it disengaged my focus in the lesson. What I do now is actively listen and don’t take notes at all and it is actually helped me wonders, EVEN THOUGH I just switched to that way of learning.
    For me it has become really helpful in math, especially because the teacher gets straight to the point and doesn’t try to make any jokes. What I mean by jokes is like: “oh! And I remember that time when I was in…” or simply start to tell any story. And it is the exact opposite with my biology teacher, she does that all the time, and it just drives my attention to what she is saying that isn’t even related to the subject AT ALL. When she does that (the biology teacher) it makes me wonder and have curiosity about what she said and not about the lesson. She also goes super slow, and that’s because there are 6 Special ED kids in class, and honestly it’s tiring 😣 So in conclusion: by annotating as much as possible in class I got more distracted, and now that I only listen and pay attention… I have better grades. Yes, my grades in biology are not all that good. My geometry grades are much better.
    By the way, I have a regular biology class, and have an Advanced Geometry/Data Analysis class.
    I AM NOT, BY ANY MEANS SAYING THAT TAKING NOTES IS A BAD THING, it just didn’t work for me. I do though try to make the most out of the notes that the teacher tells us to write and sometimes add to them myself after class, following many of the teicks that I’ve learned from this channel 😊

  3. I have an assignment that was due 2 weeks ago and my teacher gave me extra time so I have to turn it in by tomorrow at 3 pm but I still haven't started it because every time I think about it I have a panic attack. I'm going to fail.
    I got extra time and I passed but it wasn't very good.

  4. My teachers like to give me hours of homework idk I guess they think I'm a robot and I don't have to sleep. I shouldn't have to sacrifice my sleeping schedule to get good grades.

  5. "Today, we'll explore a completely harmless technique that involves using time travel to steal completed homework from your future self." Intriguing. Where is it?
    Stealing ideas from the future IS the future of time travel.


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