How To Draw Water Droplets | how to draw water

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How To Draw Water Droplets.

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How To Draw Water Droplets
How To Draw Water Droplets

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Learn more aboutHow To Draw Water Droplets.

Learn how to draw realistic water droplets and understand how light behaves within a transparent object. For more on this lesson, visit .

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how to draw water

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How To Draw Water Droplets.

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  1. thanks for explaining in depth how light refracts inside the water droplets. i need to learn about the shading of water for a tattoo design of canada, where inside the shape of canada is a bottle of grey goose. the bottle is open, and the little droplets are in the shape of the Arctic Archipelago (the scattered islands in the north). so because the droplets are in the shape of islands they are more misshapen than usual droplets, so it was very different to just copying an image of a globular droplet from the internet.

  2. I think the cast shadows should be on the opposite side of the light source or the light side so it should be on the left side on this case so WHY THE HELL IS IT ON THE RIGHT SIDEEE

  3. I used normal pencil instead of the one he was using
    I didn't make the white that much but great
    instead of shading pencil I used white color

    but still look real life

  4. I've learnt a lot just from this video, thanks. However, can i just say, surely the cast shadow on the right hand sides, should actually be casting on the left hand side? I.e. the side away from the light source??


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