How to Draw Vegeta – Quick and Easy | how to draw vegeta


How to Draw Vegeta – Quick and Easy.

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How to Draw Vegeta - Quick and Easy
How to Draw Vegeta – Quick and Easy

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how to draw vegeta


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How to Draw Vegeta – Quick and Easy.

35 thoughts on “How to Draw Vegeta – Quick and Easy | how to draw vegeta”

  1. The most problem I have when drawing vegeta is the hairline, it’s quite a bit different then any other anime character or in fact, it’s unique to almost everything and getting it correct is really good and it will help you a lot if you continue to draw these unique characters.

  2. Hello, your drawings are very good, but I appreciate you adding the subtitles in Spanish to make it easier for Latinos to see your videos, I hope you see my comment, thank you

  3. I want to create a fan manga cause I'm frustrated by that manga creator leaving his work unfinished that one where Goku goes to Naruto universe because goku puked on bulmas dimension machine

  4. You are very good at drawing but when you draw and talk at the same time, you get easily sidetracked. Lol. Like I'm waiting for you to complete the trap to the pec and you are stuck on whether you like drawing bodies or not. Thank you for this.


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