How to Draw Roses without Reference. Inktober | how to draw roses

How to Draw Roses without Reference. Inktober.

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How to Draw Roses without Reference. Inktober
How to Draw Roses without Reference. Inktober

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How to Draw Roses without Reference. Inktober.

38 thoughts on “How to Draw Roses without Reference. Inktober | how to draw roses”

  1. Your explanation isn't helpful can't just tell me to draw an acorn shape and then not show it. I can't see it in the video I don't know what an acorn is supposed to look like this is not really a helpful step by step process I could barely see any of your sketching

  2. damn this could have been really good, but idk if its the white balance or the red color pencil, but it was impossible to see how you get them started. The only thing I could see was your black lines.

  3. Oh my gosh I just used your tips and I've just sketched the quickest best rose I've done to date! Roses have always been my hardest thing to crack! 😂 Thank you!

  4. I wouldn’t mind more of these. I’ve struggled with roses the 12 years I’ve tattooed and this gave me a good understanding of them.🌹

  5. This is a terrible tutorial. The speed you go at is to fast for a beginner to learn. Camera isn’t close enough for proper viewing. AND you are using red pencil. How do you expect your viewer to see it properly.

  6. Couldn’t see a thing you did and couldn’t follow because this wasn’t a step by step, it was a “watch me draw roses” video. Disappointing because the outcome was amazing and I wanted to learn how to draw them.

  7. Your drawings are so beautiful. Thank you for this tutorial, I tried to follow your steps and I'm pleased with the result :D. I really like the style. The roses remind me of Beauty and the Beast. I would also love to try drawing your other roses from the sketchbook, they were also beautiful T.T.

  8. Can you please make another video about this but actually show what you're doing, it's impossible to see anything until you're going in with the pen lmao


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