How to Draw Realistic Tall Grass | how to draw grass

How to Draw Realistic Tall Grass.

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How to Draw Realistic Tall Grass
How to Draw Realistic Tall Grass

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This video will show YOU how to draw realistic grass. I will take you through the steps on how to draw texture and the composition of grass. I even show you how to apply this to other drawings.

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Here is a tutorial on how to draw tall grass. This can be used to fill in many areas of landscapes to add in visual interest and texture. This tutorial will help you to draw realistic grass by producing realistic texture.

This drawing only used a 2B and 2H pencil and at the very end I used a 4B for dark shadows to create depth.

The rest of the supplies you will need consist of sharp tipped erasers and a needle point of some sort.

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This tutorial starts out with simple pencil strokes. Press a sharp pencil down on the page and flick it upwards to create a gradual line that ends in a sharp tip. After layering this, it will start to create a grass texture. When there is a simple layer on the page, start adding another layer and blend the two layers together. Do this by erasing larger blades of grass extending from the bottom layer to the top layer and also making pencil strokes that extend from the first to the second layer.

The continuing combination of erasing, adding darker lines, and shading will help to create a grass like texture.

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To help show grass growing into the distance, Continue above the current grass but make the pencil strokes significantly smaller to the point that the grass is simply a shaded area.

I have a few photos on my facebook page on grass that I have drawn. Check them out to see some more examples..

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How to Draw Realistic Tall Grass.

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