How To Draw Noses: CARTOONING 101 #5 | how to draw noses

How To Draw Noses: CARTOONING 101 #5.

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How To Draw Noses: CARTOONING 101 #5
How To Draw Noses: CARTOONING 101 #5

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In this episode of Cartooning 101, I walk you through how to use basic shapes and proportions to draw different types of cartoon noses!

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How To Draw Noses: CARTOONING 101 #5.

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  1. In the first video of this series, I was thinking "wtf? this guy said everybody else just says, 'watch me draw,' and here I am just watching him draw." But by now, I can see the value in that early stuff. Especially now, when you're first showing a "realistic" nose, and then simplifying it. As a TOTAL beginner, I'm really enjoying this series. Thank you for doing these. Already surprising myself. Although my characters don't have mouths or hair yet. 😉

  2. thank you for making these I am learning so much! I just wish my high school teacher would have taken the time! I think my art would have taken off so much earlier in life!

  3. These videos are amazing, I really mean that, not like the amazing that everyone uses to express how good their special ground coffee tastes , but actually amazing in that I'm drawing things I never thought I could…..since watching I've bought an iPad Pro, I've got your pencils, its reinvigorated a love for sketching that I didn't know I was missing in life…….loving this. Thank you for posting. OH and occasionally you go a lil fast, especially on pencil selection etc….takes many rewinds but I get there in the end haha!

  4. Hey man, i absolutely love this little cartooning series of yours. It's so helpful!
    Also, im pretty impressed at how you didn't blink for almost an entire minute at the end.

  5. I did all your Halloween drawings, and now I'm working my way through all your other tutorials and I have learned so much. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and help aspiring artists. You should SERIOUSLY consider publishing a book of all the Cartooning 101 lessons as a reference book. That would be awesome!!!

  6. Subscribed and following this series. It is helping me a lot😎. But I was destracted by what you are wearing on your drawing hand 🙂 Sooo What is it?? 🙂

  7. I know my comment is late.. but THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video. I've searched through youtube for different tutorials because I've always wanted to pursue digital arts for so many years, these series of yours is really perfect for starters like. It feels like im too old now to start, but I'm glad I did. I'm so thankful I stumbled upon this gem. Thanks again and I'm really looking forward to creating my own arts and discover my own style later on in this digital arts journey of mine 🙂


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