How to Draw Heads – Dividing it Into Thirds | how to draw heads

How to Draw Heads – Dividing it Into Thirds.

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How to Draw Heads - Dividing it Into Thirds
How to Draw Heads – Dividing it Into Thirds

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In this lesson, I show you how to draw and divide the head into thirds. This allows you to place features and draw the head on an angle with more confidence.

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I am also using a Wacom Cintiq 22HD Tablet. Get it here on Amazon – .

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How to Draw Heads – Dividing it Into Thirds.

32 thoughts on “How to Draw Heads – Dividing it Into Thirds | how to draw heads”

  1. Very nice. I am still stuck in the oval of the head. But this method seems to help map out the head from all Angel's and head tilts.
    It may,take a bit to get use Tom but done in a way that the transition shouldn't be so tought.

    I came across another method the other day which seems much mire complicated but off this methods in a lot of ways. Again helping map put all aspects of the head better.

  2. Ok, first circle good….now the correct measurement for smaller circle…….

    The heck? I don't know how big to make the smaller circle. Should it start 1/4 the width of the face, 1/8? I need guidelines for that because just to simply draw a circle in a circle is not that easy when you don't know correct proportions for the small circle.


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