How to draw ears (for BEGINNERS) ♥Δ | how to draw ears

How to draw ears (for BEGINNERS) ♥Δ.

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How to draw ears (for BEGINNERS) ♥Δ
How to draw ears (for BEGINNERS) ♥Δ

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Supplies I use ✎ :
Favorite pencil ☾ ☽
Sketchpad ☾ ☽
Electric eraser ☾ ☽

Other options –
Sketch paper ☾ ☽
Paper Mate refillable pencil ☾ ☽
Pre-sharpened wood pencils, 150 count ☾ ☽

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how to draw ears

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How to draw ears (for BEGINNERS) ♥Δ.

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  1. Wow-I have been drawing for 10 years (btw I’m 12) and now I FINNALY started again and wow-I was so impressed with the way you drew that so easily:) you are a FANTASTIC artist!!!


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