How to Draw a Face- Profile | how to draw a face


How to Draw a Face- Profile.

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How to Draw a Face- Profile
How to Draw a Face- Profile

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how to draw a face

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How to Draw a Face- Profile.

50 thoughts on “How to Draw a Face- Profile | how to draw a face”

  1. Omg i've already seen this vid and just came back cuz i don't quite grasp profile view yet. But i noticed your profile pic, i literally saw a post on reddit yesterday that was a girl posting their progress from the beginning of college to the end and the end portrait was yours!

  2. tries to draw Ibukis side profile
    *me who doesn’t draw eyes*: this will be easy!
    *also me who has never drawn a side profile before*: haha! lets not post this on tiktok..

  3. as a capricorn not being able to draw this could torment me for years so i did it the eyebrows looks kinda THICKK and the eyes look alot like anime eyes but its very nice!

  4. I just wanted to personally thank you for this excellent tutorial! Over the years I have wanted to draw but would give up out of frustration. Your excellent instruction taught me to draw a side profile, I actually managed on the first try! You have a tremendous gift and I am grateful that you chose to share it with us.

  5. brain: ok, a circle. seems easy. right hands?
    hands: yeah! i can def do that. it is easy.
    brain: ok good.
    eyes: aHHHHhhhHHHh THERE IS A BUG
    eyes: sorry ;-;

  6. i’m trying to draw a specific person and they have really unique features it’s so confusing. like i did okay on the drawing but it doesn’t look like him 😭


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