How I draw bodies 💓 | how to draw bodies

How I draw bodies 💓.

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How I draw bodies 💓
How I draw bodies 💓

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Probably my most requested video! I hope this was helpful!
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how to draw bodies

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How I draw bodies 💓.

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  1. This is really helpful s I take art classes but I never drew a body or a person even facial features haven’t so this is really nice and helpful for me I really like to draw humans

  2. Me: yes!
    My hands: Not today ya'll..
    My online work: Nope
    My other side: Nope
    my brain: to much stuff..not today
    my best friend:
    my cat and fish: you go girl
    Me again: thank you goldie and sugar (goldie is le fish, and sugar is le cat)

  3. Hey y’all! Random fact: today in school I sat down on the toilet to fart and I saw Squidward was drawn on the bathroom wall. Lovely. Anyway, have a nice day!


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