DIY 6 Drawer Tall Dresser | How to Build | 5 drawer dresser

DIY 6 Drawer Tall Dresser | How to Build.

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DIY 6 Drawer Tall Dresser | How to Build
DIY 6 Drawer Tall Dresser | How to Build

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How to build a DIY dresser aka chest of drawers. I made this 6 drawer tall dresser with simple pocket hole joinery and materials from the home center. Plans are available at

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DIY 6 Drawer Tall Dresser | How to Build.

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  1. Went a little too fast for this person who has not done this before. Drawer glides are very expensive! Could be cheaper to by one at furniture store or Sauder kit.

  2. Good afternoon Brad. Andres here from Toronto. I recently got the plans to build it for my dauther. I am jus getting into carpitery, so no so much experiencia there. can you tell my which type of plywood did you use for the dresser

  3. "anyone can build" with state of the art workshop lmao. I'm looking for something less basic, like with a hidden compartment, otherwise I might be inclined to buy these plans


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