DESIGNING A CHARACTER (My Process and things to keep in mind) | how to draw your own character

DESIGNING A CHARACTER (My Process and things to keep in mind).

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DESIGNING A CHARACTER (My Process and things to keep in mind)
DESIGNING A CHARACTER (My Process and things to keep in mind)

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As a small change of pace this week, Jack will not be discussing other peoples’ character designs! Instead, he’ll walk you through his process of how he designs a character and give you some key elements to think about when designing your own.

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A series discussing in detail the subtleties in popular character design. A lot of what we say is subjective, so please leave your thoughts in the comments and start a conversation!



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how to draw your own character

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DESIGNING A CHARACTER (My Process and things to keep in mind).

48 thoughts on “DESIGNING A CHARACTER (My Process and things to keep in mind) | how to draw your own character”

  1. After first time seeing him…
    Holy jesus He is awesome 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  2. If I was to change the design, personally, I think I would make the head a bit rounder in shape, maybe kinda like Allister from Sword and Shield.

    Compositionally, the design looks kinda odd because its a pattern of Triangle > Oval > Longer Oval/Rectangle. If you made the head more circular, it'd flow a bit better by making the composition Circle > Oval > Longer Oval/Rectangle.

    Adding some more of that inner jacket glow to the helmet I think would also improve it. As it stands right now, my eye makes the focal point of this design the undershirt/fingers. If the mask is such an important design element, I think giving it a stronger color focus would help it be more of a point of emphasis. Maybe lessening the amount of white and increading the amount of dark grey to make the glow of the eye more prominent, and make the "bullet" glow as well?

    I think the final design is certainly unique, and I think would make for a neat NPC/side character, but it doesn't have the "impact" element to me to be a main character. The original design I think had a much stronger point of focus, and having that emphasis on the mask really did it justice.

  3. So, I have an idea for a character but I'm not sure if it's good enough. So pretty much after the backstory, nothing eventful happens for about 2 years. He's 20 And there's a terrorist attack that makes a blast, giving people superpowers but also disintegrating a lot.

    Thimblerigger – Puppeteering and Mind control
    He always loved puppets, sometimes even dreamed of being one. He knew he couldn't turn himself into one, so he tried the next best thing. He made cardboard sets and splashed paint over them to create a setting. He would do shows after his classes, but no one would usually look at him as he did them. They would just walk by, but not only was he determined, but he didn't cut out eye holes so he couldn't see if anyone was actually watching. He took theater in highschool as well as art and woodworking. He hoped that someday he would be able to make actual good sets and his own wooden puppets. Months past and he's top of his art, woodworking, and theater class so far, but people still thought he was weird. His last year of high school, he had free hour So he would set up little stands by a nearby street so he can Do shows for people passing by. The younger kids loved him, and the parents only watched because he didn't have change bucket or something of that sort. One kid he grew close to since they would always show up without parents and usually wore tattered clothes. She never spoke, just watched as others passed by or came and went. Everytime he finished his shows and packed up his puppets, the girl stayed. Since he always had extras, he gave a blank wooden doll (no strings) and some paint to her without a word, just a smile. He left for his classes, but looking back he could see the grin on her face before she ran off. The next day, the girl didn't show up, and the next, then the next. A week passes and life went on but the girl didn't return. He was worried, but his worry faded when she came back, doll in hand with paint covering every part of it. He went on with his shows, but saw that the puppet, resembled him.

  4. My theme for my character is ‘not every hero can be larger than life’ Also I feel like the torso of the character is a little shorter than what’s believably possible, unless he’s supposed to be an alien, if that’s the case then nevermind

  5. So, I’m making a story about a princess who was shielded from the reality (cliché ik) but I’m absolutely in love with the idea.

    At first I wanted her to have a pristine look, straightened hair, silky clothes, and being really quite. I decided I didn’t like that, it just didn’t suite the idea I was going for, and I overall just stopped liking it after going over her character arc.

    Then, I wanted to give her a puffy dress with fluffy hair and shiny eyes. To express how much of a goofball she was in the first half of the story. I scrapped it because the shiny eyes and puffy dress didn’t seem right with me.

    And I think I have my finished designed. She kept her fluffy hair, but her eyes are more cat-like while still retaining a bunch of emotion. Her dress is very flowwy but at the same time it’s bright and cheerful.

    I really like her idea so far

  6. When designing a character, l decide what purpose will they serve, then base of their design based off of their purpose, then work in the story as to how they would have that purpose that l gave my thought through process when designing a character has some flaws, writing their stories after their design, means that the hints showing off they're personality will affect their original design, which often leads to me redesigning my characters over and over again

  7. The final result of the coloring step was my favorite, it's personal taste but I really like the more polluted art style, and the first and fourth of the four possible designs are in my opinion the best….

  8. I think this video was a very refreshing take on an artist's process. I'm used to being taught, but I like that I could just sit back and observe. I think that Xul is an interesting and dynamic character, and I also think it would be cool to see a design where his visor is lifted. This would give sort of a resolution to the character at the end of the story where he realizes that who he is is okay.

  9. I have a similar design process, but I often research something before hand. For example I have an idea for a species that really likes books and are quite intelligent, so I look up what animals symbolize intelligent or books. So i can mash-up everything I've learned into a character. Sometimes I even research specific parts of history to work them into my story and into my characters ^^

  10. Honestly, I’ve been using many of the same ideas I came up with years ago and have making minor alterations to them as the major story changed. This video gives a suggestion towards that which helps since I never finish or publish any story idea I come up with, but would like to

  11. I like it but personally i think the coat makes the character look overweight and i don't think that was the idea. Also, if you added some more white and tech aspects to the design then it would fit more with the city

  12. I'm not a professional artist, but I love designing characters, and one thing I do specifically for the concepting stage is that I draw in a sketchbook, exclusively in pen. I don't erase anything and instead leave notes like "weird eyes" or "hair is too plain", or even just checks or X marks, or ???. I think it's really valuable to be able to look back on previous ideas–sometimes you go too deep down the rabbit hole on one element and have a hard time stepping back. I don't usually do digital until I've got a general design in mind, that way it's easier to make smaller adjustments or color changes.

  13. "listening to this in the background as you're doing something else? Nice. Let's dive in shall we?."
    Me: Throws tablet pen*

  14. Can you do a vidio , about redesigning a old chsrecter , because you have all ready done one , of your old OCs the freelancers , but Mabye another one as well ??? ☺😀☺


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