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Cosmo Sheldrake – Birthday Suit.

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รูปภาพธีมmy birthday isจัดทำโดย Leather20.

Cosmo Sheldrake – Birthday Suit


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Weighed down by morning,
In my birthday suit.
Lift up the evening,
Just for a while,
Backwards, upside down and inside out.
So hold on or we’ll all fall down,
Oh heave the oceans do,
Won’t you.
I’ll keep my ears on,
I’ll keep my eyes open,
I’ll keep my legs in sight,
And wait ‘till we all fall down.

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Cosmo Sheldrake: vocals, double bass, percussion.

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my birthday is

Cosmo Sheldrake,Birthday Suit,song

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Cosmo Sheldrake – Birthday Suit.

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  1. b r o the amount this reminds me of a movie i forgot the name of. Its about these kids who move to an old house in the woods, and they find a small food elevator to an attic and find out its magical, and the kids meets this tiny goblin and gets a stone through which he can see all the monsters and theres this guy, their grandpa i think whos in a valley stuck in time and they save him and its so cool


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