Being A Mechanic | 2019 | ความรู้ในการดูแลสุขภาพ

คุณกำลังพยายามค้นหาเกี่ยวกับหัวข้อ 2019? Leather20 นำเสนอเนื้อหาทันทีในหัวข้อของ mechanic ในโพสต์ด้านล่าง.

Being A Mechanic | 2019.

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รูปภาพธีมmechanicจัดทำโดย Leather20.

Being A Mechanic | 2019

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ดูหัวข้อBeing A Mechanic .

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In this video I talk about some of the things involved in being a mechanic going into 2019! Enjoy!.

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เรา หวังว่า ข้อมูล เกี่ยวกับ mechanic ที่เรานำเสนอจะ มีค่า สำหรับคุณ.

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Being A Mechanic | 2019.

28 thoughts on “Being A Mechanic | 2019 | ความรู้ในการดูแลสุขภาพ”

  1. In my opinion, if you work for 1 manufacture dealership for instance, (nissan). Everything is the same for all cars. You can finesse the flat rate pay because you should already know how to fix the damn car. If you've been there for 10 years per say, everything should come easy for you. It's called finesse.

  2. Iv been turning wrenches for 30yrs now and 24 of those years r with a well known rental moving company and my body is shot, when I get home I don’t want to do anything or work on my camaro that iv own for 30yrs,it’s physically demanding and stressful

  3. i hate the stigma of being a mechanic or any trade. You guys are engineers…no way around it. It takes a high degree of skills and intelligence to work on these machines we are so dependent on todayI.t's not easy.''Teaching'' french philosophy at a University is nothing. But you have to have an incredible wealth of knowledge to be a mechanic

  4. He is one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost gave up on trading then I met him through a friend, Austin is the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I ,.

  5. Best line ever " they will only take as much advantage of you as you let them, so stand your ground".
    This is by far the most important thing to know and apply in trades or any field where there is hard work.
    Stand your facking ground, dont start a family until you have experience on your back to be able to negotiate, otherwise you will have to sell yourself to work in shit environment and cant say anything or leave, you're stuck.

  6. idk how much of this is real for me im wanting to become a mechanic but i want to be working under a boss so i dont understand somethings are gonna be the same for me

  7. bro I was working in mercedes dealership and I was just new to job I was getting all completed work it newer bother me because it was all the same like old cars just more sensor's so it gets easier you have to know basis so you can get work done fast just use your brain its all same. last 4 years I worked on all cars and never had a problem. now I'm opening my own shop to be honest this job is golden if you love it and understand cars you can do it ez

  8. Aren't dealerships buy tools necessary for mechanics to work there? Or they buy just basic tools and very expensive equipment, like alignment machines and alike? Or I totally misunderstand the whole thing? Thank you for the very informative film.

  9. I always knew being a mechanic is a tough job, there’s been people telling me yeah go for it you get pay really good like bitch how the fuck you know???? You don’t have a career how would you know??? You know what I mean?

  10. I agree with everything said for a dealership mechanic. Fortunately if a technician wants to get out of that rat race I would strongly suggest working in a fleet environment more specifically a municipality of sorts. You're hourly with great benefits and tool allowance and if I work til 7pm I'm getting O.T. I worked in dealerships for 15yrs and I would never go Back!! Get smart and get out!

  11. I left the business long time ago . The money was good but no longevity, meaning you could work for someone for a long time, gets slow or they retire you are left at square one. I have met and worked for some crappy employers, most don't care about their employees with exception of a few. Choose a career with a pension or retirement if it still exists. Think ahead not in the moment .


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