Adding Vectors Graphically | how to draw vectors

Adding Vectors Graphically.

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Adding Vectors Graphically

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Adding and subtracting vectors on graph paper. At 1:49, I accidentally draw A as two over and 4 up instead of one over and 4 up..

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how to draw vectors


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Adding Vectors Graphically.

33 thoughts on “Adding Vectors Graphically | how to draw vectors”

  1. Thank you very helpful. If you would have added vector coordinates, A(1,4), B(4,-2) , adding them might have been easy as well. A+B=(1+4,4-2) that is (5,2). Student might find that helpful.

  2. I KNOW I recognized your voice and the noises you made at 2:07!!….You made the videos for "Kirchhoff's Voltage Law" & "Kirchhoff's Current Law", which helped me pass my Physics Praxis exam -Thank you so sooo much 🙂 ……you're starting to become a Math/Science Youtube celebrity!!

  3. Hey, I got a question, when you say "A goes two over" at 1:49, why did you move it two over, when in the original Vector A, the vector moves only 1 over? Is this a mistake?


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