2Days & 1Night Season3 : Becoming Scientists Part 2 [ENG, THA / 2018.05.27] | ธุระด่วน ภาษาอังกฤษ

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2Days & 1Night Season3 : Becoming Scientists Part 2 [ENG, THA / 2018.05.27].

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2Days & 1Night Season3 : Becoming Scientists Part 2 [ENG, THA / 2018.05.27]
2Days & 1Night Season3 : Becoming Scientists Part 2 [ENG, THA / 2018.05.27]

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– Cast: Cha Taehyun(차태현), Kim Jongmin(김종민), Kim Junho(김준호), Defconn(데프콘), Yoon Siyoon(윤시윤), Jung Joonyoung(정준영)

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* 2Days & 1Night Season3 sub eng : Becoming Scientists Part 2

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ผู้คนกำลังมองหาหัวข้อ 2Days & 1Night Season3 : Becoming Scientists Part 2 [ENG, THA / 2018.05.27].

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2Days & 1Night Season3 : Becoming Scientists Part 2 [ENG, THA / 2018.05.27].

43 thoughts on “2Days & 1Night Season3 : Becoming Scientists Part 2 [ENG, THA / 2018.05.27] | ธุระด่วน ภาษาอังกฤษ”

  1. It's unfair 🤔Team Fundi 6 ideas is really the best, it can suit in every basic needs of people:
    Being comfortable (for having an insect drone killer especially in summer)
    Indeed, it's useful almost everyday, anytime and anywhere..
    While in Sixth Sense,
    Toilet 'thingy' can only use in private area but if you can really study the function of the product, it's not hygienically even it's only used by family or in private area🤦🏻‍♀️
    Helmet Bluetooth is only for motorcycles, how about for the car accidents? 🤔
    Only the fine dust fan had a sense🙃

  2. Hello! Please subscribe to Junho and Jongmin’s channel in yt. It’s called KIMDUMB. Let’s show our love and support by subscribing and liking their videos! 多谢~~ O(∩_∩)O

  3. 2d1N season 3 dan tros dibuat theme park khusus seperti universal studio bakal menarik. 2D1N dan seluruh cast TROS perlu reuni dan dibuat acara perayaan khusus digabung seperti acara kbs award.

  4. Me along with my fellow seniors in our school have already made the automatic helmet that too in 2015…and we are from a small town in India

  5. i thnk the helmet with bluetooth n wth breath analizer is the answer of one of the problem here in the phlipines😊😊 i wish i have that kind of inteligent😊😊 the member is really funny .. i learned a lot every episode.. especially ths..😁😁

  6. Poor siyoon, deffcon didnt let him finish his idea. I think siyoon hurts or feel bad. I hope 2 days and 1 night staff make an action with this. Im not against deffcon but on what his doing with siyoon is not right.

  7. Smart Donggu and the way he excellently presented the smart spoon! 😍 Good thing he is now starting to shine more in the show!♥️ Been trying to like Defconn, but I was disappointed when he interrupted and took the credit meant for Donggu! 😢

  8. Don't like defcon in this episode..he cut siyoon idea talk and he annoys a lot in this epi..but its good to see him get annoying during the presentation

  9. Donggu is such a beautiful person (inside and outside).Really love your personality. He is such a kind and humble person. We love you Siyoonahh..

  10. Lol. Siyoon imitating a chicke is freaking funny! I was in a commute on my way home and bursted into laughter! Idc about the other passengers anymore lol.

  11. Deffcon saying shit like he invented the idea and all that when he can't explain a thing about it and just sitting dumbly at the table. bah.


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