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18 Things Even the Politest Taxi Driver Won't Tell You About.

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18 Things Even the Politest Taxi Driver Won't Tell You About
18 Things Even the Politest Taxi Driver Won't Tell You About

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If you use taxi services often enough, you might know that taxi drivers have secrets they don’t tell their passengers about. For example, if an airport taxi driver assumes that you’re a tourist, they may decide to give you a sightseeing tour you haven’t asked for. Some taxi drivers can start the meter not when you climb into their car, but as soon as they arrive to pick you up.

So let’s figure out what things you should pay attention to while getting into a car, why you should check your valuables before leaving a taxi, and why it often takes taxi drivers so long to pick you up.

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They may not have change 0:22
“Ever been there before?” 0:49
Airport taxi drivers charge tourists more 1:15
A taxi driver may start a meter earlier 1:40
They have a way to inform the police they’re in trouble 2:03
They love traffic jams 2:29
A taxi driver can drop you off earlier than needed 2:56
They can’t start a conversation with you 3:19
You can find yourself stranded 3:49
Check the meter 4:15
Keep track of the meter 4:34
Check your valuables before leaving a taxi 5:07
Taxi drivers can lure you with a low estimate 5:42
Ask for a fixed price in advance 6:05
Taxi drivers can manipulate GPS settings 6:32
A taxi driver may not have a license 6:47
Why taxi drivers take a while before picking you up 7:14
They can charge per person 7:40

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– Most modern taxis already have POSs, but there are still a lot of cars that don’t. In these vehicles, people have to pay cash.
– It might not work in all countries, but in some places, taxis have a panic button hidden under their dashboards.
– If there are some obstacles preventing them from going directly to your destination, for example, heavy traffic or some construction works, some taxi drivers may leave you several blocks away.
– According to this unwritten rule, the only person in the car who can start talking is you, the passenger.
– If you need to make several stops before arriving at your final destination, discuss it with your driver.
– Before starting your trip, make sure that the meter has the correct settings. Taxi companies can have different prices for certain parts of the day and night.
– You should not only sneak a peek at the meter at the beginning of your trip but also watch it throughout the ride.
– Don’t let your valuables lie around during a taxi trip. Before leaving the car, make sure that you haven’t left anything on the seat.
– It’s totally dishonest, but there are taxi drivers who tell you an estimate they know to be too low only to make you pick their car.
– A fixed price often turns out higher than it would be with a meter. One of the few valid reasons for negotiating a fixed price is being short on cash.
– Taxi drivers can manipulate GPS settings. It allows them to take longer routes and earn more money.
– Keep in mind that a taxi driver has to have their license displayed inside the car at all times.
– Most passengers don’t know that many taxi drivers pick up a new ride before finishing their current one.
– Even though it’s almost unheard of in most parts of the world, some taxi drivers can try to charge per person. Watch out for such cases and call the taxi company to make sure you aren’t being fooled.

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18 Things Even the Politest Taxi Driver Won't Tell You About.

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